Some people think SEO is over and it is not good anymore as a part of marketing strategies. This is completely wrong. The advantage of SEO is that it is changeable so it is now not only about marketing but also about making a brand. It is not just about finding your content on search engines but pure and original SEO content may be the first source of traffic by customers.
Let’s see the reasons why you should invest in SEO content and not paying attention to those who claim that SEO is over.

1. It is still functioning and will be for a while:

Search engines have developed a lot so the old ways to write SEO that depends only on keywords are not functioning anymore. The content should meet some additional criteria to be loved and preferred by search engines.
This means that SEO is not over and will not be as long as people search online for information. Any online search is based on some essential keywords that should be included in the content but also the customers’ satisfaction and search engine analytic methods play a significant role in the amount of traffic that your content will have.

2. Costs:

When you are about to start a marketing campaign, there are a lot of elements to make it a successful campaign. One of the essential elements is online marketing and SEO is part of it. Online marketing includes social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and many other elements. While every element of the online marketing campaign has its role, it seems that SEO content is the most cost-effective. The content will always be on your website and if it is good enough and has a lot of traffic, you may not change it for years. This means that a good SEO content can keep a constant flow of customers to your business.

3. Mobile devices:

With increasing the use of smartphones, a specific type of SEO is now available for mobile phones. It is associated with new techniques in web designs that make the websites perfect for mobile phones. The amount of traffic from mobile phones is about to exceed any other ways of searching online. This means if you don’t have a website that is compatible with mobile phones and a SEO content that is perfect for mobile phones, you will lose customers.

4. The competition is tough:

Your competitors will use any way to make their business better than yours. They don’t want their share of the market only but also your share of the market. Actually in any business or industry none is happy with their share of the market and always want more; that is the competition.
Your competitors will put a lot of money to drag your customers by every possible mean and with the increase in the use of mobile phones and SEO, they will figure out how to drag your customers specifically. This means that you need to compete hard too and understand how the whole online marketing works generally and SEO specifically.

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