How to Design a Perfect Website for SEO?

If you are a web designer who is assigned for creating a website that is perfect for search engine optimization, you should know that it is not as easy as it seems. You need to follow and understand a lot of roles to create the best website.
Let’s find out how to create the perfect website.

1. Research for keywords:

You need to understand completely what keywords the clients will use to search for the website.
The word tracker tool will help you a lot regarding this point. You will find out the data that you need to make the website perfect. There are two essential points that you need to take care of; misspelling search and competition search.

2. Put keywords in the perfect positions:

This may seem a little complicated but if you are a good web designer, you will be able to manage it perfectly. Here are the points that you should take care of.
• The URL. You should include some keywords in the URL. The separated dashes are used if you have multiple keywords.
• The bold headings are as important as the URL. Include them at the top of the website page and at the end of it. This will make the page look great and be optimal for search engines.
• As a good designer, you must be able to create a theme with the keywords. The search engines love to deliver for their users the best results and the theme is the best way to do that.
• The sentences should be clear but try to put the keywords as nearby as possible.

3. The Meta and title tags:

When search engines want to rank websites, they use three items; Meta Keyword, Meta Description and Title tags.
The title tag should be at the top of your page. This title tag should indicate the content of the website page. Meta Keyword and Meta Description help the search engines to find the most relevant web pages regarding the keywords that the user of the engine is looking for.

4. The content:

The content should be perfect for SEO. You should hire experienced SEO content creators to make sure that the content will not be a problem. Keep the content updated as the users like the new information in addition to the search engines.
The content must be comprehensive and the count of words within the one page should be at least 250 words.

5. Images:

Designers think that images will make the page perfect but actually that is not quite true. Images should be used wisely within the web page. The size and the place of the pictures will affect how the web page will look like and how search engines will deal with the website.

6. Frames:

Frames are used less and less by the experienced web designers. They have a lot of advantages as they divide the web page into different sections so they make it easier for the user yet it makes that search engines suffer to reach all the information within the page and create a lot of navigation problems.

7. Learn from the best:

Learn from the best SEO’s in the game, people who are completely in-tuned with the SEO world and have empirical evidence to improve your SERP’s.

So…the question is: Who should you listen to?

Of course there are many different SEO blogs offering their opinions/theories but the above is just what we recommend listening and learning from.


How to Find the Best SEO Writers?

SEO is a type of content writing that can increase the influx of traffic to your website significantly. It is all about finding the best writer who can create the best content to your website. SEO content means how to make customers find you online easily when they use search engines like Google and Bing.

The writer is the one who knows how to put the keywords and the phrases that people usually use to search for the content. The analytic tools make it possible to monitor how good the content is so let’s find out how to find the best writers to create your SEO content.

1. Understanding Grammer, spelling and structure of the content:

It is the biggest problem that faces both writers and clients. The writer should know how to basically write content that is free of Grammer and punctuation mistakes. The structure of the phrase should be perfect too. Imagine a writer who does not know how to use who and how to use which; it is a disaster.
Search engines do not like the content that contains mistakes; they prefer the perfect content.
People too love the perfect content. They will not buy your words if the words are of low quality.

2. The content is for people at the first place:

Writers usually forget this. They should write for the audience not for the search engines. Some writers just want to include the keywords within the content no matter if the keywords will fit or not. When the content is well-written for the audience, it will be perfect for the search engines too.

3. Who is your audience?

Understating your audience is one of the most important steps to write high quality content. You should put yourself in the position of the audience and understand what they are looking for to be able to write the content perfectly. Imagine a client with his mobile phone who is about to search for your content and write for this client.

4. Costs:

Well, it is not always right that the cheap content is bad. Some writers work for less money at their first beginnings in the writing career. Of course experts will provide you with the best content but they will cost you a lot of money. If you found a writer who can write good content for less money, try to work with him as long as you can.

5. The goals of the content:

Your goal is to make the customers read the content and buy your words so you need to make sure that the story is convincing. Take the customers into a journey and make them happy and satisfied even before they buy what you are selling. After reading the content, the customers should have only one step to do which is to buy what you are selling.
From the very first words of the article, make the audience interested. Imagine yourself on a stage and telling people your story; make it perfect.

Why should your business invest in SEO?

Some people think SEO is over and it is not good anymore as a part of marketing strategies. This is completely wrong. The advantage of SEO is that it is changeable so it is now not only about marketing but also about making a brand. It is not just about finding your content on search engines but pure and original SEO content may be the first source of traffic by customers.
Let’s see the reasons why you should invest in SEO content and not paying attention to those who claim that SEO is over.

1. It is still functioning and will be for a while:

Search engines have developed a lot so the old ways to write SEO that depends only on keywords are not functioning anymore. The content should meet some additional criteria to be loved and preferred by search engines.
This means that SEO is not over and will not be as long as people search online for information. Any online search is based on some essential keywords that should be included in the content but also the customers’ satisfaction and search engine analytic methods play a significant role in the amount of traffic that your content will have.

2. Costs:

When you are about to start a marketing campaign, there are a lot of elements to make it a successful campaign. One of the essential elements is online marketing and SEO is part of it. Online marketing includes social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and many other elements. While every element of the online marketing campaign has its role, it seems that SEO content is the most cost-effective. The content will always be on your website and if it is good enough and has a lot of traffic, you may not change it for years. This means that a good SEO content can keep a constant flow of customers to your business.

3. Mobile devices:

With increasing the use of smartphones, a specific type of SEO is now available for mobile phones. It is associated with new techniques in web designs that make the websites perfect for mobile phones. The amount of traffic from mobile phones is about to exceed any other ways of searching online. This means if you don’t have a website that is compatible with mobile phones and a SEO content that is perfect for mobile phones, you will lose customers.

4. The competition is tough:

Your competitors will use any way to make their business better than yours. They don’t want their share of the market only but also your share of the market. Actually in any business or industry none is happy with their share of the market and always want more; that is the competition.
Your competitors will put a lot of money to drag your customers by every possible mean and with the increase in the use of mobile phones and SEO, they will figure out how to drag your customers specifically. This means that you need to compete hard too and understand how the whole online marketing works generally and SEO specifically.